You've lost it all now / Lauren

by The C90's




This record was made by Misters Chris Ridire and Sam Smith in their uni's studio, all on their free time.

Note- Music for insomniacs was in fact recorded at Chris's parents' gaff.


released 18 May 2012

All songs Chris Ridire (rights reserved, bitch!)

Recorded by Sam Smith and his microphone knowledge,
Mixed by Chris Ridire.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: You've lost it all now
I'm sick of getting nowhere,
When you fall asleep,
And since when did your life depend,
On diphenhydramine,
And I try to work around it,
But it's still lost on me,
And I try to skirt around it,
Give you what you need,

Get your head out (of) the clouds,
'Cause you're coming down,
Oh, can't you see how,
You've lost it all now?
Track Name: Lauren
Ever really wonder what it is,
That drives you to the point of making lists?
Well, I start to panic when,
The Clock rolls over to 3am.

And when you smile, it's so contrived,
I tend to over-analyse,
It's why I'm sleeping on the kitchen floor,
And I can try to rectify,
I can try to cauterise,

I tried to be oblique; to be opaque,
I tried to hide the truth in what I say,
You treat your words like accessories,
But I can write haikus in binary.
Track Name: Music for insomniacs
I can hear the demons say,
It's over-rated,
I can hear those evils say,
It's over-rated.
Track Name: Sepia
Well fire, it beats rock,
And fire beats paper,
And fire, it beats scissors,
And fire cleans the soul,
It stings like ethanol,
Shimmers just like gold,
Well you vowed a new start,
And that's just what you got,
And now you're pouring out your heart,
In some karaoke bar,
Until you fall apart,

But it will be alright again.